To introduce changes to Welsh rates of income tax, we delivered a fully bilingual social media campaign that aimed to educate and inform people across Wales through infographic and video content.

  • Achieve a social media reach of more than 250k users across Facebook and Twitter
  • Originate social media content bilingually
  • Design key campaign collateral including infographics
  • Identify bilingual case studies and work with them to produce video content
  • Our bilingual campaign content reached more than 484.7k user accounts across both Facebook and Twitter
  • Over 171k video views across Facebook and Twitter
  • All content produced in Welsh and English
  • Designed two infographics and two animated videos
  • Produced three case study videos
Over 171k
video views across Facebook and Twitter
reach of bilingual campaign content across Facebook and Twitter
How we did it?

In April 2019, Welsh Government introduced changes to Welsh Rates of Income Tax (WRIT), meaning money earned in Wales would be spent in Wales on the public services we all enjoy. When broken down, tax and spend is a simple and attractive concept, delivering fairness and equality and investing in the future of Wales.

But Welsh Government’s research showed that understanding of Welsh taxes in Wales was low, and apathy and complexity of information is high. We created a simple and effective, bilingual social media campaign for the Welsh Treasury’s social media channels with the aim of breaking down ‘tax and spend’ by explaining it through the services it funds and we use every day.

The campaign was split into two bursts, October 2018 and March – April 2019. This was designed to allow us time to reflect on social media engagement, giving us an understanding of how the public was responding to WRIT before entering the second burst.

First burst

Our strategy in the first burst was to deliver simple and to the point messages about WRIT to introduce it and announce when it would be coming into effect.

We designed a range of collateral for social media including:

  • Bilingual infographic explaining how Welsh rates of income tax are made up and who collects it
  • Bilingual infographic highlighting some of the key industries and jobs that are funded through Welsh rates of income tax
  • Bilingual animated video explaining what Welsh rates of income tax are, when they will come into effect and the jobs they fund

Second burst

In the second burst of the campaign, our strategy was to bring real life case studies to the heart of the content created. We know people relate to people, so using real life workers from different industries funded by WRIT would allow us to demonstrate clearly and directly why Welsh rates of income tax were so vital to everyday life in Wales.

We created three bilingual case study videos from key sectors funded by WRIT. This included a nurse from Gwynedd, a recycling centre coordinator from Aberystwyth and a teacher in Cardiff. The videos asked the individuals how long they had been in their jobs, what they love about their work and more, which allowed us to support the video with key messaging around why these roles, funded by WRIT, are so important.

Welsh Tax and Spend from Working Word on Vimeo.