In March 2020, Welsh Government turned the focus of its Communities channels to providing support for people across Wales during Covid-19.  Our aim was to make Wales’ communities feel supported throughout the pandemic. 

  • Make the microsite a one-stop hub to share information, advice and encouragement with supporting and isolating audiences.
  • Create social content to bring the advice from the microsite to life.
  • Curate the best examples of the good ways people are helping others and themselves in the community.
  • Start conversations and answer questions from communities and individuals looking for advice on how to help themselves and others.
  • Increased the campaign reach by providing tailored and area specific content to 94 different local community Facebook groups to share with their combined following of 89,008.
  • Increased and diversified the campaign’s audience by securing well-known and trusted Welsh personalities to create content for the campaign and share directly to their fanbases. e.g.Luke Evans who shared the video with his5m followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; Rob Brydon who shared his video with 2.1m followers on Twitter.
  • Worked with stakeholders like Merched Y Wawr, Public Health Wales, WCVA and others to inform and engage in our plans, involving their trusted voices in content sharing to networks.
  • Researched and produced 24 bilingual videos resulting in 321,400 minutes of video views.
  • The English hashtag #HomeNotAlone reached 15.6m and was used in 4,100 posts, and the Welsh hashtag #GartrefGydanGilydd reached 2.8m and was used in 500 posts.
  • The social content created across Facebook and Twitter resulted in 6,140 new followers, had a reach of 3.5m with 357,471 post engagements.
  • Media coverage, which included the Evening Standard, BBC Radio Wales and S4C, had a reach of 15.1m
#HomeNotAlone reached which was used in 4,100 posts.
new social media followers.
post reach.
coverage reach.
How we did it?

We created a microsite and social content providing information, advice and encouragement for supporting and isolating audiences. Using creative storytelling, our team created content to bring this advice to life.

We curated the best examples of the good ways people were helping others and themselves in the community and started conversations and answered questions from communities and individuals looking for guidance on how to help themselves and others.

From early April to end of May, we grew the bilingual Twitter (Eng and Cym) by more than 25% (2.5k+ followers) and started a new Facebook channel, now at 3k+ followers.

Community groups

There are thousands of local groups on Facebook, which are currently being used more than ever as people look to support their communities during these difficult times.

To help promote the campaign, we use our proprietary map of Facebook hyperlocal community groups across Wales, becoming members and sharing information and advice directly into communities about the campaign. In total, we reached out to 94 community groups which had a combined following of 89k.


To help engage and bring the advice to life we researched and produced 24 Welsh and English videos, which included:

Do the Little Things

A video with actors bringing advice on looking out for each other to life, scripted and produced, shot and edited by us over the first weekend of restrictions, with voiceover from Michael Sheen in English and Rhys Parry Jones in Welsh (450k+ views, 17k+ engagements, 7k+ clickthroughs)

Home Not Alone with Rob Brydon

We brought the actor on-board to film a video in his kitchen about conversations you can have with isolating relatives, friends and neighbours. Rob shared from his own social to his 2.1m followers (300+k reach, 20k engagements).

Luke Evans poem

We wrote a poem about lockdown, bringing together all of our key advice on supporting yourself and others, which Hollywood actor Luke Evans performed and posted to his social followers 4.5m  across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (450k reach, 16.5k engagements).

Blodau Gobaith

We arranged for Merched y Wawr to get involved in the campaign by encouraging people on social media to create flowers to make a rainbow for the Eisteddfod in Ceredigion. The flowers were made in colours of the rainbow using any craft, and people were asked to share a photo of their creation using #BlodauGobaith.

We created a video announcing the idea on Mercher y Wawr social channels.  Members also created ‘how-to videos’ showing people how to make flowers using crochet and paper. The project was picked up by S4C’s Prynhawn Da.

#HomeNotAlone Heroes

We created videos shining a light on those people going the extra mile to help others in their community. This included a medicine-delivering Casualty actor, bakers and a hand sanitiser gin companies. We created 17 videos which had a reach of 350,123 and 3,666 engagements.

Ramadan Relief Group

We created a video with Mos, Tariq, and a group of volunteers from the Grangetown community in Cardiff who came together during Ramadan to deliver food parcels every week during lockdown

Aili Dong's story

Throughout lockdown, Aili Dong from Shenzhen city in China has remained in Bangor where she’s studying for her MBA in International Business at Bangor University. During lockdown she has been donating facemasks to local health care centres.

Volunteers Week

We filmed with two young volunteers who had been helping shielding individuals during lockdown.

Baker from Carmarthen

Emma, a baker from Carmarthen, has been making cakes to deliver to NHS workers and care home staff in her local area to say thanks for their hard work and put a smile on their faces at this challenging time.

Social media

We created a range of creative content on social media to help engage communities and people across Wales. We managed to reach over 3 million people, an audience roughly the size of Wales, engaging them with our content. We shared the content across Facebook and Twitter and increased the audience by 6,140.

On the website, there was a lot of useful information for people, from volunteering to staying active. To help get this vital information in front of the most people, we turned the information into consistent, clear social media posts.

Colouring is good for people’s mental health, and during these times, it was thought it would work well to design colouring pages for people to print and do as a form of escapism. The four we designed were Caernarfon Castle, the Brecon Beacons, Tenby, Portmeirion and Bodnant Gardens. The content had a reach of 26,116 and sent 196 people to the website.

We also created a series of word searches around different Welsh themed topics. The word searches, which were created as GIFs for social media and PDF for people to downloaded, were designed around different Welsh themes; these were rivers, mountains, beaches, castles and towns. We reached 20,704 people with the content sending 153 to the website.