Every year since 1922, the youth of Wales have sent a peace and goodwill message to the world.  Our team worked with the Urdd in a year like no other to continue the tradition pivoting our plan to create a compelling film and supporting communications campaign during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Create a contemporary version of the Urdd’s 98 year old peace message
  • Engage a diverse group of young people in the creation process
  • Produce a video that was sharable and relatable
  • Further raise the Urdd’s profile with current audiences and stakeholders
  • Introduce the Urdd and its work to a new audience
  • Support the Urdd with their in Wales campaign and help take the peace message to the wider world.
  • The Guardian interviewed the Urdd CEO and spokespeople resulting in coverage on the peace message day as well as a Twitter post signposting to the article too
  • We overcame numerous challenges that COVID-19 presented and produced a high quality creative and visually appealing, youthful video message.
  • The video message included over 20 speaking parts and numerous other shots of the youth of Wales
  • The message was seen by over 15 million people worldwide
  • We worked with a young case study who composed a musical piece in response to our call out for youth to self-tape for the video message, which supported the Urdd PR campaign in Wales
  • Catherine Zeta Jones shared the video message with her 3.4 million followers
  • Youth magazine Youth News featured the message as well as This Week Junior.
  • Coverage with Celtic friends, namely Cornish Times, BBC Radio Jersey, The Guernsey Press and The Jersey Evening Post.
15 million
video views
12.2 million
social media reach
25.5 million
PR reach
How we did it?

A lot’s happened in that near century since the Urdd’s first peace and goodwill message, and like others before it, 2020’s message from the Urdd was delivered at a time of international crisis.  When the covid-19 crisis hit, we helped change focus of the message to one that matters right now.  Our team has worked with the Urdd both pre-and during lockdown, producing and directing young members to self-tape parts that makeup the one minute long message, with over twenty individuals reading a separate line each.  The end result is a powerful message asking everyone in the world, particularly G20 leaders, to Stop the Clock and Start Again.

The message was translated into 57 languages and is available to view on YouTube subtitled into six different languages.

We were also working on sharing the Urdd’s message far and wide, not only securing coverage in The Guardian, but also with our Celtic brothers in the Cornish Times and the Guernsey Press, helping BBC Radio Jersey report on the message being translated into Jèrriais, as well securing coverage in Youth magazine Youth News as well as This Week Junior.  Responses to the message have also been coming in thick and fast from all across the world, including a lovely message of support from Catherine Zeta Jones on her Instagram.