Delivering a creative, inspiring and integrated PR and social media campaign for Sport Wales that united women and girls programmes and projects across Wales.

  • Utilise audience insights and market research to develop a campaign brand identity that can be used across multiple platforms (including key message definition, development and articulation)
  • Deliver a fully bilingual, integrated PR and social media strategy that raises awareness of campaign and engages with key target audiences
  • Drive target audience to visit and use #OurSquad #SgwadNi on their social media channels


  • Total of 82 pieces of coverage and total reach of over 47million
  • A number of high quality media outlets covered Our Squad in great detail, including interviews with our ambassadors and Sport Wales representatives, such as: BBC Wales Today, ITV Wales Tonight, Huffington Post, Made in Cardiff, Heno, Clwb, BBC Radio Cymru, BBC News Online, Western Mail, Cardiff Life, WalesOnline, BBC Radio Wales and Sport Sister
  • BBC Wales presenter Claire Summers credited Our Squad ambassador, Jin Osborne, as her inspiration to get more active
  • Social influencers that engaged with the campaign included: Charlotte Jackson, Natalie Powell, Sian Lloyd, Jess Fishlock and Hannah Brier


  • Total reach of over 410,000 people across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during the two-week launch period
  • Over campaign launch video has reached over 100,000 people, with more than 50,000 views across social media
  • Our case study videos have been viewed a combined total of over 93,000
  • Increased Facebook page likes by 809% (from 43 to 391) and Twitter followers by 50% (from 730 to 1098).
Over 50,000
video views
growth in Facebook community
pieces of media coverage
media reach
How we did it?

Despite the most recent School Sport Survey and Active Adults indicating that levels of people hooked on sport in Wales are at an all-time high, there is still a stubborn gap in participation for women and girls when compared to their male counterparts. In order to deliver an effective campaign that would not only engage with our target audience but encourage behavioural change, we needed to get under their skin.  

We undertook a series of focus groups with our key target audiences to identify the common factors that both prevented and encouraged individuals to get more active. Opportunity, awareness, confidence and a good experience were all factors that encouraged women and girls to get active. However, peer to peer engagement, encouragement and joint participation was identified as the most common influence.

To ensure that ‘togetherness’ was at the heart of our campaign, we created a virtual squad that every woman and girl in Wales could be part of - no matter fitness level, ability or activity of choice. The aim of the squad was to allow people to share their positive experiences of sport in a bid to bring other women and girls along with them.

To maximise the impact of our campaign launch through traditional and social media, we commissioned a video that embodied the ethos of Our Squad. The soundtrack, International Velvet by Catalonia, provided a distinctly Welsh tone to the video with lyrics such as: “Everyday when I wake up, I thank the lord I'm Welsh.” Our video featured dozens of everyday women participating in traditional sports, minority sports and generic exercise, broken up by light-hearted moments that ensured we engaged with women and girls who are turned off by intense exercise or sport.

To bring our campaign to life, we identified and enlisted the support of ten everyday Welsh woman who had particularly inspiring or interesting stories to getting active. Our campaign content shone a light on our ambassadors and their personal stories in order to bring our messaging to life and inspire others to join the squad. We adopted a multi-channel approach to ensure that their stories reached our diverse audience – from organising television and radio interviews to filming short videos for social media to placing case studies in local and national newspapers. 

In order for our campaign to have a uniquely Welsh feel and talk directly to our target audience, we created a series of witty, engaging image-led content that screamed ‘share me!’, including original GIFs. Using imagery of our ambassadors, we developed entertaining, light-hearted and unashamedly Welsh straplines that complimented each image – from ‘I’ll be there now in a minute’ overlaying an image of a runner to ‘handbags and tacklebags’ accompanying a shot of a rugby player. As well as really engaging with our Welsh target audience, the amusing content demonstrated that the ‘squad’ did not take itself too seriously.  

To heighten the feeling of togetherness amongst Our Squad, we commissioned a number of vests to utilise tactically across social media to drive engagement. In keeping with our Welsh target audience, we had ‘sgwad goals’ printed on the front of the vests with #OurSquad on the back to encourage people to use the hashtag on social media. We identified a number of social influencers, including elite athletes, celebrities and bloggers, and sent vests to them in a bid to encourage them to tweet their support for the campaign and thus raise awareness of the campaign amongst their network of followers.