A multi-channel campaign telling the compelling stories of amazing foster carers across England to inspire a new generation of people to consider fostering.


There are thousands of children across the UK whose lives and prospects could be transformed through fostering - but there are not enough foster carers to offer a safe home. Every year, we work with our client, Five Rivers Child Care, to celebrate the amazing work of foster carers across the country as part of a national awareness campaign - Foster Care Fortnight - to raise awareness of the growing need for foster carers.


  • Increase enquires to Five Rivers and its partner agencies from people interested in becoming foster carers.
  • Raise the profile of Five Rivers Child Care and its partner agencies, positioning them as a leading social enterprise that supports its foster carers and young people in care.
  • Celebrate the amazing work and life changing actions of foster carers across the country.
  • Highlight the career opportunities presented by foster care, especially in light of job losses during the pandemic.
opportunities to see.
pieces of coverage across online, print and broadcast media.
visits to the Five Rivers website through social content
How we did it?

The 2021 Foster Care Fortnight campaign was our biggest and most successful yet, against a backdrop of a year of lockdowns and some of the highest unemployment figures the UK has ever seen. We had to craft a campaign that would stand out and be heard amongst the cycle of Covid-19-related news.

We wanted to raise awareness of the need for more foster families, educate people on what fostering entails and engage prospective foster carers. Through a combination of social, print, online and broadcast media, we told powerful stories of real foster carers with a call to action for more people to consider choosing fostering. These messages were heard wide across England and successfully targeted those most likely to become foster carers.  

We identified case studies for the campaign that highlight the amazing work of foster carers across the country and told their stories across a variety of platforms. We planned a 2021 survey with Censuswide which included key regional/city specific data that was used to bolster regional press stories. Target areas were discussed with the client, and we created regionalised press releases to reflect these areas. We tracked the rise in referrals using infinity numbers to log the efficacy of the campaign in meeting its campaign objectives.



  • We packaged our case study stories for broadcast – offering outlets a local foster carer and expert to talk to along with stats on foster carer shortages in the area. We also used figures relating to job losses and unemployment to encourage people to consider foster care as an alternative and stable career choice.



    • Using a combination of heart-warming case studies of real-life foster carers, the survey data sourced from Censuswide and creative photography, we secured 77 individual pieces of online and print coverage reaching all our target areas across England.
    • Case studies tell the powerful, personal stories of existing fostering carers with Five Rivers Child Care and the partner agencies to give a special insight into their journey into fostering and a snapshot of both the challenges and rewards that come with being a foster carer.

    • Our regional press releases were tailored with specific information for each town, city, or county we were targeting. They included statistics for the number of people in the local area who are aware of the true number of children in need of foster care. Our aim was to encourage people who may be considering opening their home to foster children to enquire with Five Rivers Child Care for more information.


Social media:

  • We packaged our case studies for social to generate engagement and encouraging enquiries during the Foster Care Fortnight campaign.
  • We produced blog content for our case studies and visual content to accompany them on social media. During Foster Care Fortnight, we monitored organic social posts and boosted specific Facebook posts to target individuals in specific regions who matched our intended audience’s interests. Boosted posts performed very successfully, reaching over 178,641 users which resulted in 1,729 link clicks.
  • Our 33 organic Facebook posts directed 592 users to the Five Rivers website, with most of them visiting more than 1 page when on the website and many returning for a second visit.