Bilingual digital marketing to encourage cyclists to discover routes around Carmarthenshire, the ‘cycling hub of Wales’.

  • To encourage people to explore the Discover Carmarthenshire website and the 23 different race routes.
  • Raise awareness of the cycling on offer in Carmarthenshire.
  • Inspire people to come visit the region once travel restrictions allow.
  • The digital ads ran on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram resulted in over 1,500,000 impressions.
  • The video was viewed over 600,000 times.
  • There was over 17,000 clicks through to the Discover Carmarthenshire website.
video views
website clicks
How we did it?

To help position Carmarthenshire as the cycling hub of Wales, we create digital ads across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The adverts promote Carmarthenshire as THE place to go cycling by using a short but highly visual video of some of the cycling routes on offer in the county.

To reach the most relevant audience, the ads targeted people interested in cycling, sports, fitness, holidays, travel and the outdoors.

The YouTube ads directed 623 people through the Discover Carmarthenshire website. The bounce rate for the users who came from the YouTube ads was very low at 2.75%, showing that 97.25% of users visited more than one page, averaging 3.33 pages per session. These stats show that the people the ads reached were interested in what was on the website, and they wanted to know more.

The Facebook and Instagram ads resulted in 16,995 click-throughs to the Discover Carmarthenshire website with a CTR of 1.2%, which is higher than the Facebook average of 0.80%. The bounce rate for these users was also very low at 4.54%, showing that 95.46% of users visited more than one page averaging 2.39 pages per session.

The launch film