Showcasing the Welsh ICT sector to the world through promoting its premier digital technology event

  • Positioning Wales as one of the UK’s most thriving digital hubs
  • Inspiring Welsh businesses to want to become digital leaders
  • Providing start-ups with the tools and inspiration to grow their businesses
  • Coverage across a range of local, national, and trade media in the lead up to, and following the event
  • Broadcast hits including interviews with key speakers, organisers, members of the Digital Dozen, and footage of the 3D printed golf stunt
  • More than 1,200 new followers on Twitter and Facebook, generating more than 214,044 profile views during the event
Coverage generating more than 30 million opportunities to see
214,044 social media impressions during the event
777 retweets, 821 likes, and 145 replies on Twitter on event day
10 broadcast hits including BBC Wales, BBC Radio Wales, Made in Cardiff, and Radio Cymru
How we did it?

To create a build-up to leading tech event, Digital 2016 we focussed our efforts on securing a regular presence in the Welsh, UK and trade media. We began by using the release of the Tech Nation report as a hook to announce the event, drawing on relevant statistics from the report to build a story around what it aims to achieve for Wales.

We then created the Digital Dozen - twelve SMEs from Wales already exploiting global megatrends and showcasing the best of the digital economy. The twelve companies showcased a range of tech applications, from a wearable patch to manage insulin for diabetics to online investment apps.  This gave us a platform to build PR activity around, with case studies, blogs, videos, and infographics created and shared on social media. Each of the businesses were pitched for bespoke thought-leadership pieces and features within national and trade press.

We knew that the influence and expertise of the speakers secured would help substantiate the positioning of Digital 2016 as one of the UK’s best technology events, so we utilised themas advocates for key messages, inviting broadcast media to attend the event and create TV packages.

To  make another news hook for media on the day, we organised a stunt which involved Cardiff Metropolitan University’s FabLab using a 3D printer to create a golf club and inviting Welsh business magnate Sir Terry Matthews to use it to tee-off in front of the event venue, the Celtic Manor.

We also took charge of the event’s social profiles, drafting content for and engaging through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  The purpose of the content was to position Digital 2016 as having its ‘finger on the pulse’ of tech trends, to drive registrations, to raise the profile of the event, and to inform delegates about workshops, speeches, and demonstrations taking place on the day.