We designed and delivered a multi-channel strategic communications campaign through the telling of unique stories from across Wales to drive footfall back to the family of seven Welsh museums.

  • To increase our Amgueddfa Cymru Instagram page followers by 500 (currently 4490)
  • To achieve minimum 100 posts with the hashtag #MyStoryofWales across all museum platforms
  • To achieve minimum 200 engagements via sharing, retweets and regrams 
  • To achieve minimum 1 press story per site and 3 for the museum family relating to the campaign in local and regional national press and online press
  • To engage at least 8 influencers / bloggers to work with the museum – 2 working across North Wales / North West areas and 6 in the South Wales / South West areas
  • Working Word engaged with seven influencers in total, including Luke Evans, Huw Stephens, Tudur Owen, Sian Harries, Pip and the City, A July Dreamer and Megan Tomos (Tik Toker), from across North and South Wales, and the M4 corridor
  • Working Word achieved at least one piece of coverage for every site and four pieces of coverage for the family of museums. 
  • We obtained over 10,902 engagements in total across organic and paid for content
  • 211 total posts using #MyStoryOfWales generated by Working Word, influencers, the Museum accounts and other social media users
  • The Amgueddfa Cymru Instagram page gained 509 new followers between the months of May – August to exceed this campaign objective
total PR reach
total social media impressions
pieces of coverage
How we did it?

Wales is rich in history and culture. Everyday, diverse audiences across Wales have unique stories which deserve to be told and heard. The #MyStoryofWales campaign aimed to encourage people to pay a visit to the museum and share their own unique stories or experiences from the museum and their surrounding areas.  

The campaign aimed to do this through three main components: social media, press and digital marketing. Our brief was to use these three facets to encourage visits to the museums.

PR campaign 

To bring our media story to life and encourage people to share their own stories of Wales, our PR strategy was to enlist the support of well-known influencers who could share their story for regional Welsh media titles. ​

The inclusion of influencers helped to shape the messaging around sharing stories, using real life examples through the PR campaign. We approached and secured quotes from:​

  • Comedian, actor and broadcaster, Tudur Owen (National Slate Museum)​
  • Writer and actor Sian Harries (National Wool Museum)​
  • BBC presenter, Huw Stephens (National Museum Cardiff & St Fagans) ​
  • Film and stage actor Luke Evans (Big Pit & National Roman Legion Museum)​

As part of the campaign, we also pitched the campaign to columnists at Welsh papers. As columns are opinion-led, this offered a great opportunity to encourage columnists to share their own story of Wales and spread the campaign messaging. Carolyn Hitt, Wales’ columnist of the year for the Western Mail. took on the pitch and tailored her column to the campaign, which went into print (17,146 circulation) as well as on WalesOnline (online circulation 990,133). The column was also tweeted from Walesonline’s account (273k followers). 

Within the column, she shared her own experience and stories from regular visits to the National Museum Cardiff and promoted use of the campaign hashtag.

Blogger engagement

We worked with bloggers A July Dreamer and Pip and the City as part of the campaign. Miranda shared her own story of visiting Wales and National Museum Cardiff in a blog post highlighting the best things to see and do around Amgueddfa Cymru’s family of seven museums. She promoted the blog post to her 16,000 unique monthly visitors, 1.6k Facebook followers, 7.9k Instagram followers and 2.7k Twitter followers.

We organised a visit to St Fagans for Portia where she captured her own images during her visit for an Instagram carousel sharing her own story and experience visiting the museum and encouraging her 16.2k Instagram followers and 37.5k Twitter followers to do the same.

We gained extra value from working with Portia as she included information from Cardiff and St Fagans’ press release in a piece she was commissioned to write for WalesOnline, therefore giving us an additional piece of coverage.

We also worked with TikToker Megan Tomos who is popular for her videos highlighting the best places to visit in Wales. Megan visited the National Slate Museum in Llanberis and captured some footage of the museum and the beautiful surrounding area. Using these clips, Megan created and posted two short form videos (Welsh and English) to her 6.9k followers on TikTok. TikTok has a predominantly young user population and so, allowed us to reach these younger audiences.

We also hosted the short form videos on the Museum Instagram page where the Welsh and English videos have generated over 1.2k organic views.

Social media 

We created over 72 bilingual social posts across Amgueddfa Cymru’s social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to engage new and existing followers with campaign messaging. We used a mix of graphics, GIFs, Stories, and short form video content (Instagram Reels) to increase campaign reach and encourage engagement.

A highlight of our overall social strategy was increasing video views on the museum’s main Instagram page. We briefed the museum team to gather short clips across the seven museums which we compiled and edited together as short form Reels videos. We also created Welsh versions of each Reel to ensure an even balance of bilingual content. Longer IGTV videos averaged a viewership of ~300-400 views, whereas the Reels we created were averaging ~1,800 views per Reel. This resulted in 26,484 organic views on the Reels.

Due to the campaign hashtags being brand new and initial low engagement, we re-shifted our strategy to make use of Instagram Stories, specifically the ‘Question’ sticker feature to directly ask followers for Stories. The simple way of responding on Stories encouraged people to answer directly which we then reshared on the museum’s Instagram stories, and resulted in a reach of 4.6k.

Digital advertising

To promote and help encourage visitors to the family of seven Museums, we ran digital adverts from 12th July – 20th August 2021.

The adverts ran on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ad Words. We chose to run adverts across multiple platforms as it helped to target people in a variety of ways and allowed the museums to stay in people’s minds.

The adverts ran from each museums Facebook page and the national page on Twitter and Instagram helping to promote each museum separately and the museums as a whole.

The digital advertising campaign performed well resulting in over 723,266 impressions, generating over 30,000 clicks through to the website which cost on average £0.19.