What's The Story is a podcast about the stories we tell ourselves and each other. How they make us think. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us see the world in a different way.

From writers to right-doers, from actors to activists, host Dan Tyte interviews people with a story to tell about the way stories have changed their lives.

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Episode #1 - Adam Price

Adam Price is the leader of Plaid Cymru. 

If you're based across the UK, you probably first heard of Adam around the time of the Iraq war, when he tried to impeach the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in the Houses of Parliament. 

He's been the leader of Plaid since 2018. If you watched any of the millions of televised debates around last year's election, you would have seen Adam on his soapbox, putting Wales first, and Plaid did well at the ballot box; they retained their four seats. 

Adam has always been about big ideas, so we asked him: "Can a story change the world?"


Michael Sheen is one of Wales' most famous sons. An actor, you’ll have seen him in films such as The Damned United, Frost/Nixon, The Queen, Twilight and many more. 

He’s played Brian Clough, Tony Blair, David Frost, Kenneth Williams and Chris Tarrant in Quiz! His most recent roles have been in end-of-the-world epic Good Omens and AMC’s Prodigal Son.

Sheen is passionate about people and is an activist as well as an actor. He's involved in causes like ending high-cost credit, homelessness and social exclusion.  We worked with Michael on the 2019 Homeless World Cup. 

We asked Michael: "Can a story change the world?"


Hannah is the director of BAFTA Cymru, the British Academy for Film and Television, which helps support and celebrate filmmaking and storytelling talent across Wales. 

We asked Hannah: "Can a story change the world?"


Laura is a Professor at Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre. 

She is an international footballer, former captain for Wales, former chair of Sport Wales and on the board of UEFA women's committee. One of Wales' fiercest political intellects, Laura recently interviewed Hilary Clinton, and today we interviewed her on how stories have affected her life. 

We began by asking Laura: "Can a story change the world?"


Eric Ngalle Charles is a Cameroonian-born, Wales-based writer, poet, playwright and actor. 

The first part of his autobiography 'I, Eric Ngalle' was published in 2019, telling the remarkable story of how he left his home to study in Europe but ended up being trafficked to Russia, having his passport stolen and living illegally, before making it to sanctuary in Wales. 

His poetry film 'This Is Not A Poem' toured Wales and England, and In 2019 The Guardian crowned him as one of ten best BAME writers in the United Kingdom. 

We began by asking Eric: "Can a story change the world?"


Episode #6 - Oswyn Hughes

A former journalist, Oswyn Hughes is now Head of Campaigns for Wales at National Lottery Good Causes: an organisation that has given tens of millions of pounds to thousands of projects up and down the country, across arts, heritage, community and sport. 

We began by asking Oswyn: "Can a story change the world?"