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The Week That Was #275… 5 peeks behind the week at Working Word


Talking genomics and tourism & hospitality on behalf of Learna. Sponsoring inspiring changemakers and speakers with Tummler School. Talking legal rights around taking time off to watch the Euros with The Mirror. Publishing Covid loan scheme stats. Consulting young people on the race to equality.


Here’s five peeks behind our week at Working Word…


1) Talking genomics and tourism & hospitality on behalf of Learna


This week we landed a feature in the new issue of ENT & Audiology News for Learna’s Genomics Programme Leader Professor John Giannios. The feature was titled ‘Precision and personalised genomic and epigenomic medicine in audiology/hearing loss’ and provided a detailed look at the pathogenesis of acquired hearing loss due to exposure to ototoxicity during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Read the full online article here, or on page 47 of their digital issue.

And in the new issue of CLH magazine, a trade title for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector, we secured a feature penned by Dr Clare Holt, a Programme Leader at Learna’s Business School. Titled ‘How can the UK hospitality sector capitalise on the global trends that have emerged through the pandemic?’, Dr Holt shared her thoughts on the trends that could support the sector. Read it on page 6 of the latest issue.


2) Sponsoring inspiring changemakers and speakers with Tummler School

This week, we supported social enterprise Grow Social Capital as they continue to build an audience on their exciting new platform, Tummler School. The platform contains some brilliant content, from inspiring changemakers and teachers across Wales. Each month on Friday lunchtimes, Tummler School features someone who is doing something to make our world better. It is a chance to listen, learn and collectively grow from the conversation.

There’s plenty to enjoy, with stories from Sophie Howe, Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner to Janet Hayward OBE. Janet will be sharing the story of the award-winning Big Bocs Bwyd project, winner last month of the prestigious Times Education Supplement prize for best ‘Community and Collaboration’.

Tune in on July 30th at 12pm to find out how one of the world’s top 50 teachers is inspiring transformational change for better wellbeing through children, their families and local communities coming together to tackle food waste and better food choices.


3) Talking legal rights around taking time off to watch the Euros with The Mirror

This week there has been lots of talk in the media regarding whether or not employers can stop their employees from taking the day off to watch England play in the Euros. But what are the employment legalities around this? Ahead of Wednesday’s England vs Denmark match, David Sheppard an emloyment lawyer at Capital Law, shared his legal perspective on employee rights and whether or not England fans would be able to take the day off to watch what turned out to be a monumental match. Take a look at what David had to say in the Daily Mirror.


4) Publishing Covid loan scheme stats

This week on behalf of our client British Business Bank, we published new data from the Treasury revealing the number of Government backed loans received by businesses during the pandemic. What did the findings show? Businesses across Wales received more than £2.3bn in funding under the government’s two largest Covid-19 loan schemes, facilitated by British Business Bank – the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan scheme (CBILS) and the Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS). Almost 60,000 loans, worth more than £1.6bn, were provided to businesses across Wales under BBLS and more than 3,200 loans worth in excess of £700m were provided across Wales under CBILS. To date we have secured coverage on Business Live, Business News Wales, Wales Business Insider and in the Western Mail and the Daily Post.


5) Consulting young people on the race to equality

As part of the Welsh Government’s Race Equality Action Plan they’ve asked Wales’ citizens for their input into their anti-racism approach. Having initially struggled with contributions from a key demographic of young people, Working Word were tasked with making the fully-bilingual consultation more accessible, as well as developing a brand that would make the Race Equality Action Plan better known to Wales’ young people before the official end of the consultation on July 15th. If you are, or know of any young people, who have thoughts on this very important topic you/they can contribute here.