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The Week That Was #226... 5 peeks behind the week at Working Word

A Homeless World Cup player tribute. Welcoming people back to Oakwood Theme Park. Sharing life-saving stories of firms fighting Covid-19. Showcasing Wales’ stunning sacred spots. Putting Principality’s take on tax cuts out there.

It’s been another week of comms through the crisis at Working Word. Here’s five peeks behind our week…


1. “When I play football, I don’t think about my family”

The Player’s Tribune is a ground-breaking US site which specialises in first person pieces from some of the biggest names in sport, putting the players in control of their own story.  It’s the place where Eric Cantona asks about  the meaning of life? Where Eni Aluko talks about her hero, Atticus Finch. Where Romelu Lukaku talks about realising he was poor when he saw his mum watering down the milk.

Muj Aqlan isn’t one of the biggest names in sport, but his story is just as powerful. 

Muj fled war-torn Yemen, aged just 15.  His story takes in armed militia, travelling hidden underneath lorries, and eventually finding sanctuary in Wales.  Muj pulled on the Welsh shirt at last year’s Homeless World Cup in Cardiff.  We first spoke to The Player’s Tribune New York HQ this time last summer to tell them about Muj’s story.  Over that time, we’ve worked closely with Muj and the team over the Atlantic to sensitively package his story for the world. 

Read Muj’s story here.


2. Welcome back Oakwood Theme Park!

Oakwood Re-opening from Working Word on Vimeo.

With Wales’ outdoor tourist attractions having been given the green light to reopen, our client Oakwood Theme Park has been busy preparing to welcome back guests. The theme park has implemented a number of measures to keep staff and families safe in light of the coronavirus pandemic. We created a video to showcase these changes and give guests an idea of what they can expect from their next visit.


3. Showcasing Wales’ stunning sacred spots

Wales is home to some of the most beautiful churches and religious buildings anywhere in the world. To highlight these to new visitors, our client, National Churches Trust - a charity which supports places of worship - is working on developing tours of Wales’ stunning sacred spots, which it will unveil post lockdown. In the meantime, we have secured coverage for the Trust in the Western Mail’s Saturday magazine supplement, with a double-page spread exploring what makes Wales’ religious spots so enchanting. The feature describes how Welsh churches are inextricably linked with the nature surrounding them and framed by stunning scenery. Take for example the church in the picture above, St Govan’s Chapel at Bosherston in Pembrokeshire, which is located halfway up a cliff. Count the steps up and down again – legend has it that the number is never the same!


4. Documenting a legacy of Welsh innovation that continues to save lives today

Since lockdown began, we’ve worked with Life Sciences Hub Wales to celebrate the work of businesses across the country that have been working night and day to fight Covid-19.  The film above tells the story of BCB International, a firm that can trace its roots back to the trenches of the Crimean war, which has now focused its legacy of innovation on combating the pandemic.    

The company’s 160-years of experience in manufacturing life-saving survival gear and protective equipment for British military and adventure seekers began with the firm’s founding father, Dr. John Collis Browne, who originally created cough medicine that brought relief to British soldiers suffering in the trenches of the Crimean war. Today, BCB has converted its factory to create Dr Brown’s high strength alcohol hand sanitizer for NHS Wales, police forces, emergency responders and other frontline staff. The business is also supplying NHS Wales with additional PPE equipment such as gowns, gloves, masks and shields.


5. Land transaction tax, TV appearances and trade awards for Principality

The short film we made about Principality Building Society’s LQBT+ network played out to the nation this week on BBC Wales Today as part of a wider piece on diversity in financial services.  Julie-Ann Haines, Principality’s new CEO was at the heart of that story, and we helped the building society share her thoughts on the new reduction in land transaction tax (the Welsh equivalent to stamp duty on property sales), securing a spot for her views in Business Live. And when Principality won the What Mortgage award for best customer service on Wednesday, our team shared the news with titles including Wales247.