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The Week That Was #213... 5 peeks behind the week at Working Word

Working with Rob Brydon to tell stories about staying connected. Announcing industry collaborations providing vital resources for the front line. Creating a powerful film for The Church in Wales over Easter. Shining a light on Wales' food and drink industry. And sharing a view of the housing market before coronavirus. Another week at Working Word of comms through the crisis. Here’s five peeks behind our week…


#1. A #HomeNotAlone message from Rob Brydon

With the continuation of ‘lockdown’ our team are working hard on the Welsh Government’s communities campaign, which is offering advice and support to the people of Wales during lockdown. We know it’s important to stay connected during these times. But how can we have conversations that focus not on today’s situation but better times? We worked with Rob Brydon to give some tips on just that, the actor filming a video message in his kitchen telling people to “pick up the phone, have a chat, get them to reminisce, let them know that they’re #HomeNotAlone”. See the full message here. If you’re looking for some tips on how to look out for each other follow the social channels here: Facebook and English and Welsh Twitter. And please share your top tips on how you’re keeping safe by using our hashtags #GartrefGydanGilydd / #HomeNotAlone. Keep safe everyone.


#2. Helping the Church in Wales celebrate an Easter like no other

With church buildings closed, our team worked with the Church in Wales to rethink how people could celebrate the most important of Christian festivals. 

We beamed an Easter Service from Brecon Cathedral with the Archbishop of Wales into the homes of churchgoers through a live stream, meaning an Easter like no other didn’t pass without Mass.

And we collaborated members of the Llandaff diocese, to tell the story of The Passion in a modern way using an extract from “The Street Bible”. Described as a "dangerously real retelling of Scripture" Rob Lacey’s book paraphrases parts of The Bible is an distinctive, urban style inspired by his performances of the text.  


#3. Battling COVID-19 with the spirit of collaboration

Across the country, businesses from every industry sector are joining together in the fight to stop the spread of coronavirus and produce equipment to support the vital needs of those in their communities and NHS Wales.

This week we’ve shared the news of how two of our clients, Life Sciences Hub Wales and the Welsh Drinks Cluster, have collaborated together to assist distilleries across the country to produce hand sanitiser products, ensuring they reach where they are most needed by NHS Wales. Hundreds of thousands of bottles have been produced and distributed already thanks to that united effort, which has seen gin distillers working with Welsh Government, universities, scientific and life sciences organisations and business from a host of industries. Ongoing collaboration will ensure that distillers can continue to play a crucial role in the NHS Wales supply chain. You can read the full story here Business Live, ITV, Business News Wales.  

Any companies that are interested in joining the national fight against COVID-19 are asked to email Life Sciences Hub Wales with their offer of support and details of their availability and capability:


#4. Welsh food and drink industry steps up to the plate

Despite the challenges of Brexit and COVID-19, the Welsh food and drink industry has beaten its growth targets, rising from £5bn to £7.5bn between 2014 and 2020.

We arranged for the Chair of the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board, Andy Richardson to speak to Wales Business Insider Magazine about the collaborative work between industry and government which has contributed to this success, sharing insight into the work the board is doing right now to help the industry weather the current crisis.


#5. House prices before COVID-19 hit makes headlines

Our client Principality Building Society released its Wales House Price Index for Q1 this week, which gives insight into the rise and fall of house prices across Wales’ 22 local authorities. With house sales on hold right now, it’s hard to gauge the true impact of the virus on Wales’ housing market right now but pre-COVID-19 outbreak, Wales continued to experience house price growth.  A sign of something to build on whenever the new normal becomes more normal? We secured coverage in the South Wales Evening Post, Western Mail, Daily Post, The Leader Wrexham and on Wales Business Insider to name a few.

You can read Principality’s full house price report here