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The Week That Was #209…5 peeks behind the week at Working Word

There’s never been a week like this one for the Working Word team. It’s fair to say a lot of our work this week has been behind the scenes, being on hand to help our clients navigate the new landscape created by the coronavirus crisis.  But stories still need to be told about important campaigns and causes in these times.  Here’s five peeks from our week…


1. Praising Gower with national newspaper coverage

Visit Wales. Later. That's the message on tourism to our country.  But when things are safer, visitors to Gower can be inspired by a double page spread we landed in the i newspaper for a Gower staycation, generated from a press trip we organised with Visit Swansea Bay. Alongside beautiful imagery and plenty of positive shout outs for Visit Swansea Bay’s partner organisations across the region, the piece praised Gower’s “wonderful beaches and stunning views”. Even better, the feature also went online so you can read it here.

2. Talking climate change

While it’s hard to think about anything other than COVID-19 at the moment, climate change is another important issuing facing the world right now. The UK is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint, but it is Scotland in particular that is leading the way with an ambitious target of cutting its emission by 75%, compared to 1990 levels, by 2030.

However, if Scotland is to meet this ambitious goal, all sectors will need to come together to reduce energy consumption – including the public sector. To raise awareness of the important role that the public sector will play in reducing emissions and achieving Scotland’s targets, we put together a letter to editor on the subject from our client Salix Finance - a government-funded organisation which provides energy efficiency loans to the public sector.

The letter has been covered across a number of Scottish titles including The National, the Kilmarnock Standard and Buchan Observer.

3. Celebrating all mums this Mothering Sunday

Many of us will be thinking about how we mark this weekend’s Mother’s Day in these times of physical distancing.  One thing we know we have to do is keep celebrating mothers and giving thanks for all they do. Working with our client, Five Rivers Child Care, we have been sending love and thanks to all those that take on non-traditional parenting roles, those who go above and beyond to look after children and young people, those who foster, adopt, care and support those in need. As part of our Mother’s Day campaign with Five Rivers, we secured coverage in the Letter to Editor section of the Derby Telegraph, Hull Daily Mail, The Northern Echo, Coventry Telegraph and Leicester Mercury.

4. Bugging Out

Cricket Cookies, Buffalo (mealworm) Biscuits and even insect and plant protein mince might not be on your stockpiling list, but they’re just a few of the products made by Bug Farm Foods.  The Pembrokeshire based insect-based food producer is not only stocked by Selfridges but, when schools re-open, will be found on the plates of schoolchildren across west Wales.  As part of our campaign to promote Welsh food and drink producers on behalf of Food & Drink Wales we wrote a large feature about this rather innovative Welsh start-up for the Western Mail which featured as a double page spread this Wednesday. And if the concept of eating insects grosses you out, we’ve got news for you – you already are! On average we all eat 250g of insects each year in products such as pasta, cakes and bread. It’s just not worth the energy to remove every fragment of insect when harvesting crops. So now you know.

5. A message for our clients

It can be hard to think of anything other than COVID-19 and how it might impact on the people we love. It feels like the things we hold dear, the special moments we took for granted, are under threat.  Bumping into an old friend and hugging them like it was yesterday.  Celebrating in a crowd when your team scores. Singing along to your favourite song at a live show.  Listening to your grandparents' stories.   These times will be back and they'll be sweeter than ever. 

Until then, we all need to look after each other. We always do. Think about the people who make your community special. The small businesses trying to do things differently.  The causes that are trying to make life better for everyone in society.  Support them however you can. Our best ideas might not happen in a 20 person brainstorm for a while. Whether it's a WhatsApp group or a Zoom call, a Skype or a notepad by the side of the bed, our creativity continues. 

We'll always be thinking of new ways to tell important stories relevant to today's world. Humans are storytelling animals. It's how we make sense of our lives. We're still here to tell yours. Look after each other. X