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From burgers to building societies, Instagram to Pokémon, here’s five peeks behind our week.

1. Keeping classrooms tech-savvy with Pokémon for teachers

In a world where (some of us) morph our faces into bumblebees and dogs just to give our friends a giggle, and Pokémon really do wander the streets, it’s harder than ever for teachers to keep their finger on the pulse of ever-changing technology and keep the kids in their classrooms interested and engaged.

To coincide with the launch of Nintendo’s unprecedentedly popular Pokémon Go, we nabbed a spot on a leading online platform for our client Kings Monkton to talk about the best ways to use virtual and augmented reality in the classroom. Principal Paul Norton talks about how important it is to blend tech with traditional methods to capture pupils’ imaginations. Gotta catch em all!


2. Promoting access to justice with Capital Law

Capital Law’s ground breaking £50 million litigation fund made quite a media splash when it launched earlier this year. The £50m fund provides commercial litigation funding to finance the costs of commercial claims, and insure the risks of having to pay the opponent’s costs, so there is no risk to clients. It significantly speeds up the litigation process and has redefined a sector of the legal market previously dominated by hedge funds.

When we launched the fund to the media in February, business and legal editors were keen to hear more about when the fund wrapped its first case, so we were only too happy to share this latest news. The resulting coverage in The Times acclaimed daily legal newsletter ‘The Brief’, the Law Society Gazette and the Western Mail, among others, was a fantastic way to celebrate the conclusion of the litigation fund’s first foray.

3. Defying the odds with Principality’s half-year results

We’ve had a busy week with our client Principality Building Society with Bank of England base rate cuts announced yesterday, reacting to media calls and creating this infographic for social helping consumers understand the changes. But despite economic uncertainty following the Brexit result, this week Principality also showed strength and continued business growth with the announcement of its half year results. Other banks and building societies across the country have been feeling the pressure since the referendum vote reflected in their own half year results, but Principality has increased its profits and grown its assets to over £8bn for the first time in its history.  Adding capital to its balance sheet  protects its members, and proves a steady influence on the Welsh economy.

We secured briefings with the BBC, a full page story in the Western Mail, business stories across Welsh regional press, and online pieces with key trade titles. Plus we whipped up a nifty infographic digesting the results for social.

4. Finding dream jobs for the students of Swansea

Thousands of young people across Wales will be eagerly opening GCSE results envelopes on August 25th and the message this week from the principal of Gower College Swansea is that it’s never too late to apply for a place on one of the thousands of courses on offer at the college. We’ve been reliving our 16-year-old selves at WWHQ this week and imagining how different life would be had we opted for a career in forensic science or stage management as featured on Wales Online.

 5. Byron Burgers – not such a bitter aftertaste?

Hands up if you’re going to treat yourself to a burger this weekend? Spare a thought for the customers in cult chain Byron last weekend in London, who had to deal with the unlikely side of locusts and cockroaches unleashed by protestors.  The restaurant had lured illegal staff into deportation in a Home Office sting and is in the midst of a PR disaster.  Our Dan Tyte talked about how their PR team can turn things around, using storytelling to create a new narrative.  Check it out on WalesOnline here.

And finally…


So Facebook has announced the long-anticipated launch of Instagram Stories.  On first look, it seems to be a minimalist version of Snapchat. You add pictures or videos to a ‘story’ that your followers can watch – and disappears after 24 hours. There are no funky filters or sassy stickers in sight, but there is a pretty awesome neon pen feature that we are absolutely loving here at WWHQ. We’re sure new features won’t be too far away. Watch this space.

For brands who haven’t quite mastered how to use Snapchat in their marketing and comms, this move by social giant Zuckerberg is great news. Now they’ll be able to deliver the instant, ‘disposable fun’ experience of Snapchat to an existing audience who already follow their brand while being more visible to other potential followers. #instawin