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From sewers to steel, Aston Martins to awards, here’s five peeks behind the news with Working Word:

1. Radio 4 tells the story of ‘Sanjeev – Saviour of Steel?’

Over the past few months we have been working with BBC Radio 4 on a documentary for their ‘The Untold’ programmes, a fascinating series of shows documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.

Ahead of a tumultuous week for the British steel industry, on Monday ‘The Untold’ explored the story of our client Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman of Liberty House Group, and examined how he believes his business model can make British steel profitable again. Just last week, Liberty bought Tata Steel’s plants in Clydebridge and Dalzell.

The documentary posed the question ‘does Sanjeev have what it takes to make British steel rise again’?

Presenter Grace Dent and her producer examine Sanjeev’s ‘against-the-odds’ approach, and the resulting show is a must-listen for anyone with an interest in the future of the industry, at this time of particular anxiety for steel communities across the UK.


2. Aston Martin: why we need to put our foot on the accelerator

This week, thousands of people queued for hours at the first Aston Martin recruitment day to secure a job at the factory in St Athan, which is due to open in 18 months.

With production set to start in 2020, we commissioned a piece with the Western Mail by Scott Waddington, Employment and Skills Commissioner for Wales, exploring the huge potential the factory presents for the Welsh economy and explaining why we must act now to fully capitalise on this opportunity, particularly if we are to become fully embedded within the supply chain.

As we’ve seen through the Welsh Government’s Age of Investment campaign there is an increasing emphasis on companies to invest in the upskill of workers of all ages to stay competitive and encourage business growth and profitability. In this context, businesses could invest in developing the skills of their older experienced workers to ensure they have the capabilities to exploit the lucrative opportunities that exist within the supply chain, which in turn could provide a new purpose for businesses.


3. Telling the story of how Asset International tamed the Thames

When client Asset International told us they’d had been working on the regeneration of the antiquated London sewerage system, we knew we had a splash on our hands. We got in touch with key trade title WWT, who commissioned a two page feature about the company’s work on the Lee Tunnel outfall, located in the same neck of the woods as London 2012’s Olympic village. Asset’s revolutionary large diameter plastic pipes are breaking the mould in the water industry and this project was a great opportunity to shout about that. WWT was clearly happy with the story too, as they put it on their front page!


4. #DigitalDozen 2016: On the hunt for the brightest & best in Welsh tech

Leading tech event Digital 2016 is back with a bang this year and we’re helping organisers scour the country for the 12 best new tech companies in Wales: The Digital Dozen. In a bid to find the best and brightest companies doing amazing things with tech we’ve been making noise in the press, online, and on social. If you know any entrepreneurial tech-whizzes make sure you tell them to apply – applications close on April 8th so they’ll have to be quick!


5. Celebrating companies who go the extra mile for the deaf & hard of hearing

Did you know that a staggering 575,000 people in Wales are either deaf, or suffer from hearing loss? That’s according to numbers from client Action on Hearing Loss – the UK’s primary charity looking after those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The charity are busy preparing for the Excellence Wales awards, due to take place on May 20th at Cardiff’s Marriott Hotel.

We’ve been hard at work getting the word out about the prestigious awards, encouraging businesses who make steps to ensure their businesses are accessible to people with hearing loss. Bridgend County Borough Council won big last year, and are pictured above in their gladrags with their trophy. Further information on how to apply for the awards is available on their website:

Alternatively, you can find out more by emailing or calling 02920 333 034.


And in other news…

Social media giant Instagram came under fire this week after it announced changes to the order of its news feed. Currently, all users receive updates in chronological order, giving the app a ‘real-time’ feel that users have come to love. That’s about to change though, with the  posts soon due to be ordered in a similar way to Facebook, with posts from accounts you frequently engage with appearing at the top. It’s a prevailing trend in social media, even Twitter (which prides itself on being instantaneous) has dabbled in this, with the ‘while you were away’ feature.

Our Bethan Jones blogged on the whys and the wherefores earlier in the week, which you can read here.


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