Our team are digital advertising experts and can help you with strategies to target specific audiences through all the digital networks you’d expect: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, DAX, YouTube and Google, as well as TV, radio, OOH and more.

PestSmart: change behaviours around pesticide use with Welsh Water

To promote PestSmart, we created digital and radio ads across multiple platforms to go out during key spikes in the campaign such as bank holidays and the summer holidays. The ads started on the 30th April and finished on the 31st August. The adverts ran on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Display, the Google Search Network, Spotify and commercial and community radio. The adverts were created in Welsh and English and targeted adults across Wales who lived in a property, had a garden, had children or pets and those interested in gardening.


The digital and radio advertising campaign generated almost 15,000,000 impressions and over 80,000 clicks through to the PestSmart website costing just £0.28 per click

Amgueddfa Cymru: My Story of Wales

To promote and help encourage visitors to the family of seven National Museums in Wales, we ran digital adverts from 12th July – 20th August 2021. The adverts ran on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ad Words. The adverts ran from each museums Facebook page and the national page on Twitter and Instagram helping to promote each museum separately and the museums as a whole.


The digital advertising campaign performed well resulting in over 723,266 impressions, generating over 30,000 clicks through to the website which cost on average £0.19.

Discover Carmarthenshire: Digital marketing for Wales’ cycling hub

To help position Carmarthenshire as the cycling hub of Wales, we create digital ads across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The adverts promote Carmarthenshire as THE place to go cycling by using a short but highly visual video of some of the cycling routes on offer in the county.


To reach the most relevant audience, the ads targeted people interested in cycling, sports, fitness, holidays, travel and the outdoors.


The YouTube ads directed 623 people through the Discover Carmarthenshire website. The Facebook and Instagram ads resulted in 16,995 click-throughs to the Discover Carmarthenshire website with a CTR of 1.2%, which is higher than the Facebook average of 0.80%

Welsh Government : Looking out for each other during Covid-19

In March 2020, Welsh Government turned the focus of its communities’ channels to providing support for people across Wales during Covid-19. Our aim was to make Wales’ communities feel supported throughout the pandemic.


To help reach a large audience across Wales, we turned to Facebook and Twitter ads promoting the social channels and our videos. This helped increase the following on the accounts by 6,140 and generate over 5,000,000 impressions.

Church in Wales: Centenary Campaign

To celebrate 100 years of the Church in Wales we produced a series of films- and a campaign to find them an audience- that shone a light on the role the church has played in people’s lives for the past 100 years. 


To share the videos we produced far and wide, we created a social media campaign to promote the films to different audiences across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This resulted in a reach of over 700,000, over 1,000 clicks through to the Church in Wales website and over 9,000 engagements.

National Forest of Wales: Promoting a digital event for the National Forest for Wales

We created Welsh and English adverts across Google Display and YouTube to raise awareness of the National Forest of Wales with the ultimate goal of encouraging attendance at the online events. The adverts were targeted at people across Wales with an emphasis on cities, young people and older people.


The ads generated over 700,000 impressions, with 3,500 clicks to the sign-up page of the events.