Promoting one of the premier road races in the UK by telling the stories of the people it supports

  • To raise awareness of Kidney Wales, and its work with people across Wales·         
  • To engage a wider audience of runners across Wales, including corporate teams, using a range of case studies taking part in the race       
  • To achieve over 5,000 race entries before the end of August
  • To gain 200,000 Twitter impressions over the campaign period and gain new 300 followers
  • A record number of runners was achieved in 2016
  • Gained Twitter impressions equivalent to the population of Cardiff and saw an increase of 469 Twitter followers.
  • Over 64 pieces of print and online coverage were secured over the three month period, including an eight page race supplement in the South Wales Echo following race day
Securing over 6,000 runners in 2016
Over 335,000 Twitter impressions over the campaign
64 pieces of coverage
8 page South Wales Echo race supplement
How we did it?

Established 30 years ago, the Cardiff 10K road race, which is organised by Kidney Wales, is a much-loved race that raises money for charities across Wales. But  with more and more fundraising sporting events taking place across the city each year how could their profile as one of the UK’s most high profile road races be maintained?

We worked with Kidney Wales to deliver a strategically targeted geographical campaign utilising print, online and social channels. At the heart of our strategy was a case study based campaign, telling the stories of the patients and families that Kidney Wales help to support, all of whom were running the Cardiff 10K.

We presented these heart-felt and often emotional stories to the media in order to achieve maximum impact across local communities, where the stories were featured in local media titles relevant to the case studies.  Our stories appeared across a range of media outlets, including the South Wales Argus, South Wales Evening Post, Cambrian News, WalesOnline, the Western Mail and everywhere in-between. We also worked with the Western Mail’s business editors to create a number of business focused features designed to appeal to a corporate audience in order to encourage team entries from businesses large and small.

When formulating our strategy we identified three audiences; your running enthusiast, corporate teams working in offices small and large across south Wales, and perhaps most importantly your everyday fundraiser – have-a-go-heroes determined to run for a cause (or person) close to their hearts.

We also worked with Media Wales’ online teams in the creation of a Cardiff 10K microsite in which all stories and articles about the race were featured. Our work with the online and digital teams also involved the creation of a short race day video shot on the day of the 10K itself. The video featured a selection of our amazing case studies, as well as interviews with key Kidney Wales representatives.

Social media was instrumental in supporting our traditional media relations work, and to engage a wider, digitally influenced audience. We created a calendar of creative and engaging social content, which was shared across Twitter in the months ahead of the race, encouraging followers to interact and share tips, routes and running selfies. As a result of our social media work monthly impressions rose exponentially in the months leading up to the race.