Dydd Miwsig Cymru

Beating the drum for Welsh language music in a campaign that made more people want to learn Welsh. 

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National Museum Cardiff
Dinosaur Babies

Hatching the story of a dinosaur on the loose in Cardiff

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Sport Wales
Our Squad

Delivering a creative, inspiring and integrated PR and social media campaign for Sport Wales that united women and girls programmes and projects across Wales.

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Shining a light on the stars of TV and film

Managing global media around BAFTA Cymru’s 25th Anniversary Awards New York Times, BBC Breakfast and The Guardian all told our BAFTA Cymru story

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Welsh Government
Multiplying maths' magic in the media

Getting Wales talking about Pi Day Cymru.

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Liberty House Group
Making a Name for Liberty

Positioning Liberty as the champion of the UK steel industry, our team helped turn a company with a relatively low UK profile into national front page news

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Principality Building Society
Helping people prosper in their home.

Using Principality’s brand purpose and partnerships to create engaging PR and social media stories.

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National Trust Wales
Finding Wales’ most special place

Following its successful debut in 2014, we were enlisted by National Trust Wales for the second year in a row to uncover some of Wales’ most special places.

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Tomorrow’s designs reach around the globe

Industry leaders and celebs supporting youngsters getting into STEM

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Changing standards for casting neurodivergent actors

Changing standards for casting neurodivergent actors in a campaign that united producers and actors across the screen industry as Hijinx targets Oscar by 2030

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