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PR Tales of New York: Surviving the concrete jungle

This week we had the pleasure of being joined in the office by Sarah Jones, who has just moved back to Cardiff after living and working in New York for the last five years. During her time in the big apple, Sarah spent most of her time working on the red carpet, where she managed the film premiere of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters! As well as picking her brain about all the celebrities she’s met (Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and George Clooney - to name a few), we asked her to share with us her top PR tips for surviving the red carpet:

 1. Be prepared. Things will go wrong, drinks will be spilt, dresses will be ripped and schedules will be out-of-order in minutes.

2. George Clooney really is as dreamy as you imagine.

3. Ranking celebrities is a real thing, so know your lists. You can’t be inviting a C lister to an A lister film.

4. The after party is your bargaining chip. If you don’t walk the carpet, you don’t get your party pass. No matter how famous you are. (We made an exception for Robert De Niro once.)

5. When escorting talent, keep your distance. No, they don’t bite but chances are you’ll be looking way less glamorous and no one likes an awkward photobomb, you also run the risk of stepping on a dress train and you will get yelled at by photographers to move out of the way of the shot. After all, nobody’s there to see you.

6. Get your names right. Sending 300 emails a day can get repetitive, so triple-check you’ve invited the right celebs. Or you might end up with a yes plus 4 confirmation from someone you never intended inviting...

7. 99.9% of celebrities are down to earth people just like you and me. Even Oprah. And the 0.1% won’t be invited again!

8. Do your homework. A Tip Sheet can only be so helpful. When the actress on your tip sheet has long blonde hair now has short black hair, you still need to be able to pick them out of the crowd and get them down that carpet!

9. Wear comfy shoes, your feet will thank you. But dress to impress, as James Franco might just invite you to his after party.

10. New York’s got nothing on Cardiff and all the best premieres happen in LA anyway…