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From food to finances, and from bowling to the beautiful game, here’s 5 peeks behind the week that was:

1. The Beautiful Game in a world without π 

Did you know the first man to ever use the Greek symbol π to mean the mathematical constant pi  was William Jones of Anglesey back in 1706?

Schoolchildren across Wales do now, thanks to our campaign celebrating Pi Day Cymru (14th March- get it?*) for Welsh Government.  We teamed up with schools across the country to host pi-related lessons. This included everything from a planetarium in Ysgol Friars demonstrating how pi is used in space, measuring the circumference of the school grounds in Glan Afan Comprehensive, and a ‘Pi-less’ football match in Bryn Hafren Comprehensive in Barry.  Cardiff City FC players Ben Wilson and Tom Lawrence – who’s hoping to make Chris Coleman’s Euro 2016 squad– led the cubic kickabout. After this, hitting the back of the net in France with a round ball should be a piece of pi.

*written the American way, 14th March is 3.14- the first three digits of pi!


2. Sugary drinks and savings: reacting to the budget

As we tucked into our lunches over our keyboards on Wednesday, Britain was eagerly awaiting George Osborne’s eighth budget, to find out how it might affect them both on a personal, and business level. Long story short, the biggest headlines came from the Chancellor’s decision to impose a tax on sugary drinks, to help people save for retirement or to buy a home in a new ‘lifetime ISA’ and in Wales, the halving of Severn Bridge tolls from 2018.

The team acted quickly to get clients’ opinions about how the budget could affect people and businesses in Wales out to the press, discussing everything from the lifetime ISA, to pension changes. Clients such as UHY Hacker Young, Principality Building Society, and Caerphilly Business Forum had their comments featured in the Western Mail, WalesOnline, and BBC Radio Wales.


3. Superbowl strikes Newport with exclusive launch

For the past few months the team have been busy creating a buzz about the launch of a brand-new Superbowl UK site in Newport. This was the week we got to revel in the results of our hard work as the VIP launch party went off with a bang. Over 300 guests were bowled over (pun intended) by the swish new facilities of the bowling and laser-quest complex in Friars Walk.

A few local sporting heroes – including sprinter Christian Malcolm, world record holding Paralympian Aled Davies MBE, and players from Newport County AFC even dropped by to enjoy a spot of bowling – and a glass of fizz, of course!


4. A refreshing new perspective on older workers

We’re spreading the word about how training and development schemes can help businesses build workforces that are really effective and loyal. To bring the message to life we went behind the scenes at family-run soft drinks company Radnor Hills to make this video.

Radnor Hills – which began life as a working farm – has come a long way in its 25 year history and now produces 175 million bottles of soft drinks a year. That’s a whole lotta pop. We found out how staff training development schemes have helped the company grow and grow – and further training will be at the heart of the company’s impressive plans to double its turnover in the next five years!

We then took this video along to the South Wales Chamber of Commerce business breakfast event, where local employers were able to see first-hand how putting time and resources into training workers of all ages, including older, more experienced workers will future proof their businesses.


5. Knife & Fork kick off foodie Friday on BBC

As lunch time struck a week ago today, Stefan Nillson from Knife & Fork Food cooked up a storm on BBC Radio Wales’ first ever Foodie Friday feature on the Eleri Sion show. Stefan whipped up an Orzotto (for those that don’t know orzo is a type of pasta that looks very similar to rice…don’t worry, we had no clue either) with chorizo. It’s fair to say it sounded as if Stefan’s dish went down a hit in the studio, and us listening in were left even hungrier than before!

If you missed it, you can listen to it on iPlayer.


And in other news…

It’s fair to say that a Barry Island chippy isn’t the first place you think of if you’re after a nice glass of champers. So when we heard O’Shea’s, a family business that’s been frying since 1945, was bringing bubbly onto the menu, we knew we had a splash on our hands.  We sold the story into WalesOnline, who shared the eye-brow raiser with their 300k plus social followers.  So if you fancy enjoying the sunshine this weekend with a bite, some bubbles and a stunning view over the beach, get there early!*

*But not too early, we’re not encouraging champagne for breakfast…


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